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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Star Fucker

Leo: job advancement can wait until you address the core issue; what is it you would really prefer doing; follow your talent!

who'd have thought that this would be coming up again? like i really need the universe pointing out that i'm unappy at work. helen keller could see that.

"You'll do it the way any other self-respecting woman does. Get on your back, point your heels to Jesus, and think of handbags!"~ Karen Walker (Will & Grace)


lexxicuss said...


www.byronflitsch.com said...

And welcome to my world. I am right there with you. I read some previous comments some people left at your old post and I have to disagree...we find things we need when we finally realize what it is we need.

We can't just assume things will fall in to our laps and will happen because they are meant to. We have to understand what it truly is that makes us tick...and run with that.

If you are not happy but doing it for the money...really...what are you doing? If you are doing things on the side that make you feel better about it...is there any of those side things that could be full time that could pay something?

I'm so with you on this though...stuck in comforts and destinies.

Ryan Charisma said...

What are you complaining about?

There are children in Africa that would love a job like yours.

You're not counting your blessings, are you?

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