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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Top 10 Reasons (You'll Never Read Anywhere Else) Why You Should Be Glad to Be Gay

1. we've got Ellen
2. you’ll never get rip roaring drunk and wake up to find you’ve accidentally adopted a crack baby
3. straight people assume you’re having more fun and better sex than they are (and you usually are)
4. cruising areas
5. gay clubs never have a dress code
6. meeting someone you’re interested in, who has the same 1st name as you, is infinitely less creepy and disturbing
7. gay porn stars are way hotter
8. gay bars never have brawls (unless there are lesbians there)
9. Double the gender means double the wardrobe!
10. your friends will never let you leave the house with bad eyebrows.

1 comment:

Dyl said...

I can think of plenty of places where number 5 is not true. But I guess that's a different sort of dress code than what you meant.

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